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Traditional cuisine of Romagna

The cuisine of the hotel Rugantino is directly managed by the owner and the cook Stefania, it is served at the table and offers every day 3 very refined menus to choose from, composed of first course, second course with side dish, bread and mineral water. Wines are excluded and you can choose among a very wide selection

The dining room of the hotel is very large, bright and fully terraced, reserves a space for small guests with high chairs dedicated to them. The restaurant as well as the rooms of the Hotel, is equipped with air conditioning in summer and heating in spring.

Breakfast with express coffee

What's better than a good espresso coffee to start the day? In fact, our breakfast is characterized by espresso coffee, like at the bar, and a delicious basket of filled croissants served at the table. There are also many other single-portion products available, such as rusks, jams, butter etc.

Romagna-style cooking for everyone

The cuisine is one of the strong points of Hotel Rugantino, which is managed by the Biondi family, that has been operating in the tourism sector since 1960. Traditional Romagna-style dishes are prepared according to local recipes, and piadina, the pride of this land, is one of the best in the area